Tuesday, February 14, 2012

just the beginning

hello all,
welcome to my blog. this is actually the first time i have ever created a blog, and i am super excited! :) i am an astrologer and an artist, and a lover of florals. i have decided to start oil blending in a more mystikal way. 

 i have started to combine oil blending with the influences of the moon/stars/ and the energies of the planets. reason being, i want them as potent as possible, due to the intensity of the energies between the planets, and their effectiveness. i am in the process of using pure essential oils, and herbs combined as well. hope you enjoy. more posts to come :)


  1. Thanks for joining my blog. You have an interesting blog, hmmmm, something about slutty erotic massage oil is just intriguing. Love your artwork.

    If I might ask, why did you start following my blog? It is kind of like me, old and frumpy.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. hahahhaha!! old and frumpy?? i liked your avatar. that painting is great. i think you came up somehow when i googled some art. thanks for your comment, its very sweet. i actually create the elixirs according to the stars, and people's personal astrological charts.